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Storefront signs: The Oldest in the Book Marketing Tactic

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A more common choice of words for storefront signs is “hanging out your shingle”.  Having a storefront signs to attract potential customers is not something that is in practice today. It has been there for centuries, just not in the most advanced technological options we have now.

Today, however, it has been a necessity to have one if you’re running a business. They help customers to identify you, reach you, and use your services, which sum up the ultimate goal of any marketing approach. But do they really affect the sales and create brand awareness? It’s time to find out.


Reasons to have storefront sign for your business

A good signage promises success:

The storefront sign is the first thing your customers will spot from a distance before they decide to go in and enjoy the services you offer. It’s like that first impression you must excel in making in order to guarantee success. If you fail to do so, so does your brand.

Appropriate signage is like an investment you make:

Many business owners feel reluctant when it comes to upgrading or the maintenance of signage. They believe in doing so they are wasting their capital, which is not the case. What business owners need to understand is that storefront signs are a crucial aspect for their brand. It’s more like an investment rather than an expense they are incurring, and therefore it must be attended to first thing if it needs an upgrade or repair. The sign will continue to reflect and display your brand for years to come.



Essentials for a storefront sign

So how can one measure up its effectiveness? Here are a few tips to know that the storefront sign you opt for offers the promised marketing.

  1. Does it make the message clear?
  2. Does it make your brand colors pop up?
  3. Is it well-maintained and pleasing to look at?


The different types of store signs

Illuminated signs:

As the name suggests, the most commonly used for marketing are illuminated signs that require electricity to light them up at night. These signs are the first pick of all motels, petrol pump stations and other on-the-go shops that are mostly operating businesses on the highways and in-the-middle-of-no-where shops.

Awnings: A classier choice for a business that wants to stand out from its competitors, awnings offer the best canvas for marketing. They offer multi-purpose benefits: one of advertising and promotions, and the other of shelter.

Pole signs: Well what more explanation needs to be given than a pole with a banner or signboard on it. The only plus point is their visibility from a distance. Although these seem to be a rare choice that business owners go for, they still hold value and attraction.

Fabric Sign: Taking inspiration from French little cafes and hidden eateries, these can be a budget-friendly, unique, and colorful way to market your store. Mostly made of vinyl or nylon cut-out banners, they cost only $3 to $10 per square foot.  

Painted Glass: These printed stickers or painted signs never seem to lose their appeal. Still going strong, these are still the most accepted way of marketing, especially for small business owners. Making stores a canvas of countless opportunities, these are the most cost-effective means to advertise.

Metal Logo and Lettering: The ways these 3D storefront signs throw shadows when the sun is up is quite interesting and captivating. Another fascinating way to capture attention, these metal letters based on their shapes and sizes can cost business owners around $250 excluding the installation and custom designing costs, of course.



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