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Awnings 101: Everything you need to know about them

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If you have ever spent some time under the shade of a tree on a sunny afternoon, you are among those few lucky people who know of its cooling benefits. Did you know that homes when surrounded by trees can reduce heat up to 20 degrees in a single day?

But trees take years to grow before offering such a free of cost luxury. But wait, don’t stop reading, there is an alternative!


Although, it does start with an A, but it’s not what you are thinking! This post isn’t about any DIY air-conditioner or home based insulation system. It’s just about a piece of fabric wrapped in two metal rods offering the same benefits as that of $XXXX air-conditioning. All prepared to hear about it?

It’s an AWNING! A what?

Strictly relying on this definition, awning is a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a shop window, doorway, or ship’s deck.

Purpose of Awnings:

There are many purposes for which an awning can be used. These include:

In residential areas: Covering a backyard, parking space or on doors and window top exteriors to block excessive heat.

In Restaurants: To increase floor usage space.

In Car parking spaces: To offer shades for cars during harsh weather to avoid their paint getting stale.

Types of awnings:

Now that we have got your attention, there are some different awning options to choose from:

Automatic Awnings

The most popular among all other types, automatic awnings offer precise adjustment by offering the leverage to slide the special guides up and down. These are usually electrically-operated and come in many different fabric and print forms.

Retractable Awnings

Mounted to a wall, retractable awnings can be extended to cover as much area as needed. When not in use, they can easily be retracted back into their original position inside its slim housing. These come in both automatic and manual-operation system and also in a range of colors, patterns and fabrics.

Straight Drop Awnings

Yes, you guessed it by its name, didn’t you? These are usually bought when the need is to cover a deck, patio, gazebo or pergolas. They come with attached springs like a roller blind which can be pulled down straight when needed.

Verandah Awnings

Ideal for roof patios or verandahs, these can be raised or lowered depending on the coverage needed form the heat. They are usually operated manually with a pulley and rope system.

Drop Arm Awnings

These are solely designed to be hanged upon windows or doors. Because they can offer a maximum 90° angle, the fabric used remains taut and is operated with a gearbox or motorized system.

Advantages of awnings

Now that the season is changing and heat is just upon us, don’t let that excessive UV rays seep into your bodies and stay under a shade. By a shade we obviously mean under an awning.

Increases background and front appeal

Whether you are installing awnings in your home or store, these easy-to-maintain fabrics in decorative prints and designs could liven up even the dullest of places. So all set to pull down some awnings from above?

Reduce your cooling costs

One of the main reasons, most houses need air-conditioning is because heat turns the windows warm and excessive heat is built up inside the room. Get an awning for your windows and you can save up to 25% of your cooling expenses, guaranteed!

Offer protection against weather

Whether it rains, scorches, or snows, awnings can be a protection against all. If you have them installed in your home over a patio or on the deck, you can now enjoy romantic evenings with a little drizzle and your loved one.

Cost-efficient solution:

It isn’t just about the artistic appeal they introduce, awnings are actually very cost efficient as well. Think about all the advantages they will be offering and then try to calculate the cost of everything you might have to invest in if not awnings. Yes, it easily crosses three-digit figures, doesn’t it? So you asked why awnings, that’s why.

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