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Banner Ads and their Types

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As one of the most popular advertising tools used by businesses and brands, a banner ad, be it virtual or physical, never fails to grab attention. For decades, physical banner ads have continued to charm the audiences and with the many variations and designs available today they never seize to amaze the eye. The most important benefits of banner ads include improved visibility of your brand, brand recognition, attracting prospect customers and measurable success. All small businesses and marketers currently considering banner ad campaigns for their brands and products must know of its various types.

Flag Banners

Whether the goal is indoor marketing or outdoor marketing, flag banners are the top choice of many businesses as they offer benefits like noone other. Unlike other types of billboard and banner ads, they grab immediate attention due to their peculiar shape in the form of a flag. A hit among small businesses especially cafes and boutiques, these are the most reliable and cost-efficient means of marketing.


The Bow Banner

Also known as the Bowhead Banner, Bow Flag, Banner flag or blade banner, the bow banner is an instant attention-grabbing advertising banner that allows maximum viewership of passers-by. Since they are made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, these are now becoming a much opted choice of many businesses that are looking for something unique and captivating.

The Teardrop Banner

Shaped like a tear drop, these are alternatively called blade banners or feather banners. A much newer concept, defying the conventions, these uniquely shaped banner ads are hard to miss out. Since they are displayed at height, it makes them visible from afar. Giving your target market an image visible to them is a way to stand out from the norm where other marketing tools fail.

Retractable banner stands

As the simplest of all banner ads, banner stands are most commonly displayed at exhibitions and trade shows and used to guide customers to the final location. These lightweight banner ads are extremely portable and require less than a foot of space to expand and display the message. Seeing how convenient and cost-efficient they can be, many small businesses such as super marts and retail stores have begun to place them to promote their sales. They have an instant visual impact that still remains unmatched by any other type of banner ad.

Snap-Frame Displays

Three words: attractive, easy-to-use and portable, these snap-frame ads are mostly found outside small cafes and bars and have become the most strategic way to compete with neighboring businesses. Another benefit of this type of banner ad display is that their graphics can be changed within seconds which offers business to always stay on top of their game when it comes to serious competition.

Pop-Up Displays

Yet another effective and wonderful way to display your brand in action, pop up displays work wonders when placed as  a backdrop in virtually any location of any size. Requiring minimum efforts to set up and light weight, these are easy to transport and take down. Pop-up displays are most commonly seen in trade shows when companies want to opt for something different than a typical banner stand to attract more customers. Whether you are looking for illuminated signs, car wraps, trade show exhibits or construction signs, get in touch with us here and we will make sure to get you exactly what you need.



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