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Construction Signage and its Importance

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The real success of any business relies on how well it treats its customers, stakeholders, investors and more importantly its employees and workers. Companies that continuously offer a healthier work environment, suitable working hours, and frequent bonuses and appreciation awards to show how much they value their workforce are the ones with the happiest of employees and low turnover ratios.

Everything a business does for its employees matters, even the smallest of gestures like placing safety signs to warn them of the dangers. Proper signage especially at a work zone outside can be the difference between a good day at work and a nightmare.

Importance of Construction Signage

Construction signs are important. Why you ask? Here’s why:

They promote the project and your business: It would be foolish to miss out on a chance to market your brand to the public. If your company is building a shopping mall, make sure everyone in the area knows about it. Show it to them on construction signs with your company’s name and logo so that when people pass by, they know who’s in charge. Isn’t that an amazing way to earn some publicity?

Spread Awareness: Construction signs are a great way to alert your staff, worker and customers of any possible dangers. When placed strategically, not only are they preferable post safety information, they also serve as reminders of the possible accident that can occur and keep their eyes open.

They mean you follow the law: Construction signs are a great way to display ADA-compliant regulations and also to let visitors know the laws of the site.

Benefits of construction signage:

Now that we have discussed why they are important, there are also a number of benefits construction signs can offer you and your business which includes:


  • Draw attention to requisite safety information: The most obvious benefit of construction signage is that it displays essential safety information, hard to be missed. Construction signs can display anything and everything from emergency procedures warning signs, exits and entrance routes and safety regulations.


  • Highlights your business’s commitment to safety measures:


Construction signage also offers businesses a great opportunity to showcase their commitment to the safety of their workforce. It also demonstrates that the company values safety measures as a priority and cares for its employees and customers who visit the site.



  • Free your company from liabilities: Let’s say something bad happens at a site under construction, if you had not alerted your workers about the dangers earlier, you will be held liable for any damages and lawsuits in case they incurred a work-related injury. But in case you did inform them about the perils and hazards with smartly placed construction signs, you will no longer have to deal with the repercussions if the injury happened due to the worker’s negligence.


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Now that you understand the importance of safety signage for any businesses we suggest you get them installed in case you already haven’t. At Fortuna Visual Group, we offer custom construction signs to help businesses develop their own. Send us a quote if you are interested and we will get in touch with you! You can also check our construction catalog  and place your order.

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