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Dimensional Letters: A Clever Way to Make Any Business Standout

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Starting a new business or relocating? How do you plan to let your customers know about it so that they can find you?

You would say an eye-catching signage. True, but what kind of signage?

If you start to look for one, you will find hundreds, each creative and unique, serving different purposes. So, before setting your heart on one, know why you need it and what benefits it will offer to your business and at what costs. An ideal sign should be able to generate interest for your customers, urging them to come visit you and purchase from you. It’s the first impression they get of you and your brand, so getting it right becomes essential, doesn’t it?

If you are hanging somewhere in between hanging frames or dimensional letters, we say go for the lettters. These big and bold letters when shine with all their light can easily turn heads.

What dimensional letters signage does for your business?

The first reason to choose dimensional letter for signage is it leave a long-lasting impression. They are easy to notice, remember and recall when the time comes. Dimensional letters are one of the most effective ways to promote business professional as they are great to convince customers to walk through the door.

Another great reason to choose them over other advertising tools is their visibility and easy readability. Even when placed at awkward angles (too high or too low) they are hard to be missed. Isn’t that the overall goal of a strategically designed sign?

Thanks to the construction and designing of dimensional letters, the message displayed has a unique 3-D effect which further makes the message pop out. They have the potential to create a striking impression whether placed indoors or outdoors. Tey look their best when placed as outdoor or indoor ignage as it catches the eyes of a much wider audience. Their visibility displays the company’s name, message or logo with creativity and professionalism like no other form of signage.

Types of dimensional letters:

Another great feature of dimensional letters is it allows full customization. All ideas can be fabricated and designed with a diverse range of materials to choose from. Some of the most commonly used materials for dimensional letters are:

  • Brass Letters
  • Aluminum Letters
  • Stainless Steel Letters
  • Bronze Letters
  • Corten Steel (Rusted)
  • Copper Letters
  • Cast Aluminum Letters
  • Cast Bronze Letters
  • Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters
  • Acrylic Letters
  • Backlit Letters
  • Foam Letters
  • Metal Laminate Letters

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