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Etched Glass: A fun way to Modernize Ordinary-looking Spaces

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When it comes to making ordinary looking spaces glow and become more noticeable, there is no better way than etched glasses. One of the most popular forms of signage, etched glasses have a lot to offer when it comes to privacy, modernization, durability and affordability. Yes, not only are they a cheaper alternative to other expensive promotional tools, they also offer countless benefits in many shapes, sizes and forms.

Etched glass also gives the place a modern look. They convert transparent glass doors and windows from dull to creative and intriguing. They allow privacy at entryways both in residential and commercial settings. Did you know etched glasses are one of the most debated topics when selling or buying a house? Well, now you do!

How etched glass can make your business a work of art!

Some of the very noticeable benefits of etched glass doors and walls are:

They improve your branding:  If you are to using your entry doors or windows to your benefit, you don’t know smart marketing. The doors and windows are literally gateways and windows of opportunities on which you can either place your brand’s logo, slogan or informative details. Glass etchings are a great way to let your customers know who you are and what you represent.



They allow an insight of the business: Unlike framed painted glass which completely shuns the customer or visitor from the view of the inside, an etched glass in its place will work on two different levels: allowing the required privacy to your store, yet giving away some insights as to what is in store for the customer.

Capture Your Customer’s Attention: Strategically etched glass windows and doors are a great way to grab customer attention. When placed as storefronts, they can display your merchandise even before the customer has entered the shop. Once you have their attention, they will be compelled in to pay a visit, often called as a shrewd strategy by marketers.

Benefits of Etched glass

Other than that there are also some other reasons to use etched glasses for promoting your brand. These include:

  • Low maintenance with minimal cleaning.
  • Weather-resistant and doesn’t get damaged over the years.
  • Their closed pores technology keeps pollutants away for good.
  • Available in many unique designs to choose from and has the potential to change the overall outlook of a dull space.
  • Etched glass doors also reduce glare lights.
  • They allow privacy when placed as washroom partitions, ATM areas, restaurant partitions etc.

Techniques to etch glass:

  • Acid etching
  • Abrasive blasting (“sandblasting”)
  • Glass etching cream
  • Mold etching
  • Leptat glass
  • Frost Etching

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At Fortuna Visual Group, we are experts of making etched glass for commercial and private use. We have a talented crew of designers, fabricators and installers, who putting their talents to good use will happily make etched glass windows and doors for you. We use the latest technologies to etch high-quality glass, suitable for installation in all places. If you are interested to get glass etched for your store, window displays or office, request a quote with your details and ideas and we will get back to you promptly.

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