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Graphic Installations: Why your Business Needs One

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Did you know 75% of all American retailers believe that installing a more engaging and creative graphic fixture has the potential to bring in more sales? Graphic installations when done right have the power to transform any ordinary-looking environment into a stunning one; be it in a car showroom, flagship, hotel, movie theatre, café or boutique.


What graphic installations do for a business?


  • Generate more sales

They have the power to transform a prospect customer into a real-time customer. All that is needed is something extra that no one else offers and you are good to go. A graphic installation can be that something extra to generate more sales and motivate more customers to take an action.


  • Inform customers

Graphic installations can also be a great source of information for customers especially when retail stores cater to hoards of customers at a single time. Peak hours are the best time to attract most customers in crowded places such as trade shows where promotional announcements through audio systems mostly fail to give away the information. Investing in a good graphic installation can be the key to attracting more customers and display what you stand for rather than relying on conventional means of advertising.

Those days of handing out pamphlets are long gone. Nobody likes anything being handed to them when they can easily read about it on their devices. However, if you have a kickass graphic design that offers some valuable information they might otherwise miss out on, they might just look up. If your graphic installation fixture achieves that, there’s not much you will need to do.


  • Act as a means of entertainment

As a businessman you may not know it yet, but creative designs that offer a sense of entertainment to the customers sells big time! Every time someone takes a selfie with your installation in the background be it in a movie theatre or in-store, its value increases. Other than just entertainment, they can also be a great source of valuable information to your customers such as any promotional campaigns, awareness about new services and products etc.

Type of Graphic installations that are available

  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Murals
  • Floor displays
  • 3D Window Displays
  • Cutouts Vinyl on Glass
  • Billboards
  • Large Banners and flags
  • Elevator Wraps
  • Window Film Cling
  • Indoor and outdoor Barricade Wraps
  • Scaffolding Wraps
  • National Campaign Displays and Releases
  • Wall Coverings
  • Frosted Crystal Vinyl
  • Decals


Choose any of these and you are sure to witness a boost in your sales. If you consider our services, we also offer customization in which ever sizes, shapes or type you want. For many years we have been in the industry and we can assure you that the quality you will receive from our end will be nothing short of satisfactory. Not only do we offer thousands of graphic designs to choose from, we also offer their installation in your retail stores as getting them right is as important as it is to get them to advertise.


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