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Hanging Blade Signs

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 55Blade signs are projected outwards from buildings. They are usually extended out from a  pole or the external facade of buildings. Ideally, these blade signs are hung perpendicularly to the standard flow of roadside traffic. This is primarily done to allure a  huge crowd, pedestrians mostly, to your business premises.

 So if you run a business and are thinking of the best way to attract customers to your  shop, there isn’t a better way to guide their footsteps into your establishment than  installing blade signs.

 Read below to discover how mounting hanging blade signs to your company or retail  business might be beneficial:


Blade Configurations of Blade Signs

There are two different configurations of hanging blade signs:

  1. Illuminated hanging blade signs
  2. Non-illuminated hanging blade signs

There are infinite combinations which can be used to design these signboards to give a distinctive identity to your business. Fortuna Visual Group prepares blade signs of your choice keeping in view the sign codes and all other considerations necessary, such as custom designs, length, width, height of the signs and the projection distance of the hanging blade signs.

Importance of Hanging Blade Signs for the Promotion of Your Business

Blade signs emerged during the 14th century for the identification of pubs in the era of King Richard, the third. Today the popularity of hanging blade signs has sprawled to all sorts of retail businesses, theatres and large organizations. Blade signs promote the visibility of your business. Here are a bunch of reasons why you should install a blade sign:


  • Increased Visibility for Luring Street Traffic


Blade signs serve the same functionality as “finding your way” signboards. Just like navigation signs they make people look up automatically for these project out from the building at a right angle to the normal street direction. This unique positioning of hanging blade signs makes your business more visible to the street traffic as they face the passersby. The increased visibility will reflect directly upon the sales as more people will be curious to find out what is in store for them.


  • Promote the Unique Brand Identity Amid Other Crowded Business Areas


If your establishment is in a crowded area such as downtown food streets or business area, then your creative double-sided hanging blade signs will help in promoting your unique brand identity, making it stand out from the competition. Without putting up a perpendicular hanging blade sign, you are damaging your client traffic. Since there is no sign in the path of the visual range of the passersby, they might just cross it without noticing your establishment.


  • Identification of your business


Hanging blade signs on the doors and windows lets the customers know that they have reached the right destination. These signs are equally important if you want your business to get noticed.


  • More Visibility Through Illuminated Signs


Illuminated visual blade signs make your business to get noticed even at a great distance. The neon and LED blade signs are eye-catching and they can simply be powered with the existing electricity distribution system of the building. Illuminated blade signs do not just look beautiful; they also increase the visibility of your business even if it is not in the direct view of the street, especially at night.



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It has been quite a while since Fortuna Visual Group has been around in the business of blade signboards to promote your unique business identity and increase the visibility. So let us design and prepare a terrific board for your establishment. Simply request a quote for these amazing hanging blade signs by visiting or website.

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