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Lightboxes: It’s what’s inside that matters!

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In today’s technologically advanced world getting your business noticed has become quite challenging. Thankfully lightboxes offer that extra edge to mark your territory.

Illuminated lightboxes are the best way to grab attention. Contrary to traditional advertising methods, they are what will make you and your business stand out. They can be used for a number of purposes such as storefront signs, way-finding signs and monument signs or to promote any special occasion, festivals or sales. What they promise to offer is great visibility; even from a distance as they continue to glow in the dark offering your business a slight edge over your competitors who are still using conventional marketing tactics such as banners, awnings, poles signs etc. to let their target audience know they too are in the market.

Advantages of using lightboxes for advertising

In order to decide whether your business needs one or can afford one, we have some very valid reasons to convince you they are the new “it” when marketers say “this is it!”

        • A great way to set a professional and classy perception in the minds of your consumers about your brand.
        • They are illuminate with LEDs and consume less energy which translates into dollars saved.
        • They require little maintenance and up-keeping costs, thus becoming a cost-efficient choice.
        • Many upgrades are available which makes the signage become more illuminated and noticeable.
        • They require little space and easy installation to set up.
        • Lightboxes are durable and weather-resistant when placed outdoors.

Types of Lightboxes

  • Slim Lightboxes
  • Illuminated Lightboxes
  • Multi-image lightboxes
  • LED channel letters lightboxes
  • Tri-vision display lightboxes
  • Electroluminescent lightboxes
  • LED fluorescent lightboxes
  • Single-sided lightboxes
  • Double-sided lightboxes
  • Blade signs

Technique to advertise:

  • Wall mounted
  • Projected at an angle
  • Free standing
  • Hanging  

Applications of lightboxes

  1. Movie theatres
  2. Shopping malls
  3. Real Estate industry
  4. Restaurants and lobbies
  5. Bus stands
  6. Departmental stores
  7. Grocery shops
  8. Railroad stations
  9. Retail pharmacies
  10. Sports stadium
  11. Offices
  12. Gyms
  13. Airports
  14. Showrooms
  1. Trade Shows
  2. Museums


A lightbox will grab attention in either of the two ways. It isn’t installed properly and malfunctions or is installed to perfection, enhancing the perception and credibility of your brand. You can be in the second category when you have expert installers to set it up. Unlike traditional advertising tools like setting up an awning or vinyl banner, when it comes to lightboxes, they can be a little tricky to handle, if you don’t want it to look out of proportion or awkward.

At Fortuna Visual Group, we offer a diverse portfolio of lightboxes with graphic designing along with excellent installation services to make them the center of attention, no matter where they are placed. We are experts at graphic designing, printing and fabricating, so give us a chance to prove our excellence.

We have different types of lightboxes available. So simply request a quote if you are interested.

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