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Pole Signage and its Importance for your Business

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Interested in growing your business and winning your competitor’s customers too? Want to establish your brand’s awareness and grow your audience?  Or are you in search for ways to drive more traffic through your store?

Whatever your reasons, only creative marketing tactics can help you get the job done. A well-thought out and creative marketing campaign has the potential to turn the tables your way and reward you with success, profits and customers alike. One such way to capture everyone’s attention is through pole signs.  

Retail signs mounted on a pole to promote the brand’s name or any service is still a very refreshing and workable tactic to gain quick popularity. Most commonly seen in storefronts, strategically placed pole signs can be viewed from faraway distances, giving your business a much better chance of being approached than your competitor. They can be as low as two feet or as high as 100 feet, depending on the location and purpose. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated, again depending on the message to be displayed.

But why does your business need one? Here are some stellar reasons.

It makes your business more visible

The biggest advantage of a pole sign is that it helps you draw attention to your business. Thanks to their height, they are viewable to every driver and passerby, so even if your store is hidden behind those big trees, you can always use a pole sign to mark your territory. They work great as wayfinding signs to make potential customers aware of your location.

Pole Signs offer exposure

People buy what they see. It is human nature and if you aren’t playing by the book, you will find yourself on the loser’s bench. In order to advertise and run campaigns to earn more revenue, your business’s name, logo and personality needs to stand out so that people can associate with it. Can a pole sign do all that? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Build rapport with customer

If as a store manager you are still struggling to gather enough audience or convert them into repeat clients, you can also do so by using better promotional tools. But what about small businesses? How can they compete with big brands in the market with limited and scarce monetary resources? One great way to establish your credibility and invite more customers by making your presence known is though pole signs. It may trigger the purchasing behavior and they might try out your product and services. Once they know where you are and what you have to offer, they are more likely to return and become loyal customers.

Industries poles signs are best for:

  • Markets
  • Churches
  • Shopping malls
  • Small businesses
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Schools and other educational institutions


If you are looking for one for your business, let us have the honor. We at Fortuna Visual Group ensure all the needs of our customers are met. Browse through our extensive portfolio and tell us how you want your retail sign to be done and we will take care of the rest. Simply send us a message to show your interest and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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