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Channel Letters

What business wouldn’t like to see itself grow and shine? The joy of seeing your brand name outshine all the others with its uniqueness is simply indescribable. But how can one achieve that?

It’s simple: with Channel letters.


Channel letters

One of the most effective and popularly used advertising tool, channel letters signs are letters or alphabets, logos, laminated word or graphics fabricated and placed indoors and outdoors to give the business its identity.

Their higher-visibility to every passerby and customization makes them an eye-catching way to market your brand. When incorporated with illumination, these light up like stars in the sky making them noticeable from a far away distance. At Fortuna Visual Group, we have a team of experts with an extensive experience in designing channel letter signs to cater to the needs of all our clients, regardless of what they have in mind. We have the expertise, tools and technologies to get channel letters designed and installed. Yes, we also offer full installation services as we believe no sign job is complete without proper installation.

How Channel Letters help your business grow

  • Their ease of fabrication and designing makes them the ideal choice for businesses. They can be designed in any shape, color and font with as little or as much text to be displayed. It is this flexibility that attracts most businesses as they can get them done the way they like.
  • Ever wondered why many international food chain businesses (subway, McDonalds etc.) use channel signs? It is because channel signs add a personality of their own to the brand’s logo. Such businesses understand how crucial a role channel letters play in establishing a brand’s image.
  • Channel signs also portray a very professional and sophisticated look. They aren’t too loud or too dull and are perfect to depict a brand’s professionalism.
  • What most businesses don’t realize is that channel letters possess a “stopping power” of their own. If your business is on a busy street surrounded by your competitors, you have to stand out with something unique and creative. Channel signs can be that “unique and creative something” for your business.

Different types of channel letters offered at Fortuna Visual Group:

  • Standard front lit channel letters
  • Backlit channel letters
  • Front lit channel letters
  • Halo Lit or reverse channel letters
  • Back and front lit channel letters
  • Open channel letters
  • Low profile channel letters and more


  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Acrylic
  • Formed plastic
  • Injection molded plastic etc.

Channel letters shapes and designs

  • Trim faces
  • Injection molded faces
  • Formed plastic faces etc.

Easy Installation

  • Raceway
  • Wall
  • Background etc.

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