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Etched and Engraved Signs

If you need to know what we really do; we engrave. We carve memories, little whispers of love, words of appreciation and recognition into beautifully carved or etched surfaces to make them memorable for eternity.

At Fortuna Visual Group, it is our job to preserve your best moments and present them with a personal touch for you to keep them safe. If you have an upcoming award ceremony, a new store opening, a wedding proposal ahead, we will be happy to turn them into extraordinary with custom engravings and etchings. We consider it our job to make things fantastic and with our ten years experiences, we have learned to combine the best etching and engraving techniques, both with latest technological advancement and hand carvings to have them ready to be awarded, seen or worn on the finger.

Etched plaques/Engraved plaques/Directional plaques/ADA/Braille

Even for businesses, an engraved sign has the power to transform a mundane-looking directory or empty space with a look of professionalism and sophistication. We have a number of materials to choose from which allow our customers to opt for as much customization as they wish. Additionally, we can also help you have them mounted or installed, if you want.

Machine Engraving

Even though all our engravings are done in-house, we still have a fleet of machinery to get them done quickly and more efficiently. These machines help us tackle big projects that require heavy and detailed engravings with ease and precision.

Glass Engraving

Glass engravings are the hardest to get done with precision but with our sandblasting and laser techniques, we are able to dust them off in style. The end result is a detailed, fine-looking high-quality glass with beautiful engravings. Sandblasting, being the latest technique, has better results to offer with more depth that really makes the design pop up and shine.

Hand Engraving

There is something so personal about hand engravings that no other art form can compensate for. If you want them done with care on items like personal jewellery for your “someone special”, our experts will be eager to put their skills to good use.

Applications for Engraving:

  • ADA signage
  • Recognition awards
  • Building dedications
  • Reception and other office signs
  • Directories

Materials We Etch:

  • Brass
  • Wood plaques
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Recessed Copy
  • Raised Copy
  • Braille etc.

Send us a Quote

Let our professionals work with you on your projects to make them even more special. Be it detailed engraving on the wood plaque, on a jewellery item, on metal, brass, the leather of your wallet or bag, acrylic, crystal, glass or anodised aluminium, we are skilled to engrave on pretty much everything.  To have yours done, simply send us a quote with your details and ideas (optional) and we will get back to you ASAP! If you think the project you have in mind can’t be discussed over a phone call, you can also visit our offices for a more elaborated session. We will do our best to facilitate you in any manner you like as customer satisfaction is our first priority.


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