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Trade Show Booth Exhibits: It’s all about First Impressions!

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Did you know all you have got to attract a potential customer is three seconds? Well, are you making use of those three seconds to the fullest? If not, it’s time to set up your brand for the challenge. Learn how you can make the most of these three seconds by using some really cool trade show booth displays.

Trade show displays offer a direct insight into your brand and why your services and products are beneficial for your potential customers. A cost-efficient marketing tactic, this has worked wonders for big names that started off small. Because they are the first thing a customer sees when in a trade show, it has to be perfect; not near perfect, but perfect to attract people from your niche and prospect market.

Things to consider

But before you feel pressurized to have one for your brand, here are a few questions that need your consideration before you step up your 3-second game:

  • Why do I need an exhibit?
  • Will the exhibit convey my message?
  • How big is the event and how many people will be visiting?
  • What is the size of your booth allotted?
  • What is the cost of the exhibit and the expected outcome?

Why a trade show exhibit is so important?

Speaking of benefits, well here are some:

  • Can create a long-lasting impression if pitched right.
  • Offers a valuable chance for face-to-face interactions between company official and potential customers.
  • The best way to generate leads.
  • A means of cost-effective advertising and networking.
  • Brand awareness and a leveled marketing field among other big names.

Types of trade show exhibits and why use them:

Now that you have decided you are entering a trade show and ready to showcase your brand, it is time to get the most important thing right –the exhibit. There are several types of displays that you can opt for, each having its own impact factor.

Tabletop displays: Starting from the obvious and mostly used, a tabletop display is an ideal choice for businesses that are just branching out. Brand can either go for a fabric-based tabletop display or a one with a pop-up. The reason to use them is to put out your message loud and clear.

Pop-up displays: As the name suggests, pop-up displays are one of the most attention-grabbing tactics to make your brand visible. Using light-weight aluminum frames, these pop-up and then collapse, making them easier to assemble and transport.

Banner stands: One of the most traditional and basic options for trade shows, banner stand displays offer a standing graphic with the help of a metal rod to showcase. The best thing about them: they are lightweight and can be placed anywhere from a booth to the lobby with ease.

Modular exhibit: Using a standardized structure, modular displays are perfect to get anyone’s attention. Adding a sophisticated and stylish look to your allotted area, companies that have the budget for it must not choose anything lesser.  


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