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Types of Signs and Banners

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Just go out for a brisk walk or a long drive, and you will notice that your gaze automatically gets diverted to the surrounding signs and banners. If you find yourself looking at a particular signing or skimming a banner, the purpose of “advertisement” gets fulfilled. After all, it is an alluring yet effective description on a banner or a colorful, illuminated sign that draws the customers to your facility. Nothing gets your name out in the competitive world better than a beautiful creative signage or a banner that elaborates an upcoming seasonal sale or a specific offering.

Here are some of the types of signs and banners you can use for the promotion of your business:

Vinyl Signs and Banners

These types of banners and signs are quite easy to maintain. Because of vinyl, you can remove dirt and dust with great ease. They are quite versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. You can customize vinyl signboards and banners according to your own requirements. If they are large enough, they can increase the visibility of your business. Their vibrant colors allow passersby or those driving in their vehicles to draw their gaze upwards towards the banners or sign posts.


Fabric Banners

Fabric banners can be made of a variety of materials like satin or poplin. Of course, the choice of material will directly reflect upon the price too. Contrary to vinyl banners, screen press used for printing on the fabric banners restricts the options for design. Ideally, fabric banners are more desirable for indoor environments as they aren’t as durable as vinyl ones for outdoor usage.

Mesh Banners

These banners are made up of crisscrossed polyester fibers. The surface is printable despite the fact that you can see through the fibrous material. The display looks tremendous too and you can add photos, clipart and text in a variety of different colors and shades. Just as the name depicts, these banners maintain the circulation of air because of the “mesh”. They are particularly meant to be installed in outdoor areas where there are strong winds so that there is less wear and tear. They maintain their shape and do not rip apart.

Blade Signs

These signs are projected out from buildings at 900 from the street. The main reason behind this is that they face the passersby as well as the traffic, so it is impossible to ignore them. They can be illuminated with neon or LED lighting as well. These eye-catching signs increase the visibility of your business.

3-D Signs

Commonly used in corporate companies, banks, schools and universities, the 3-D signs grab your attention very quickly.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are affordable and quite diverse. The computer guided mechanism allows them to be cut in practically any shape. The laser technology allows the signage and company logo stand out.  

Awning Signs

These signs give a sophisticated appearance to your establishment. They are ideal for all sorts of retail businesses and cafes. They make your facility quite recognizable from afar and provide shelter to your customers from weather conditions. These can be made up canvas but additionally you can digitally print the logo, graphics and custom lettering to the awning.

Lawn Signs

These signs are one of the cheapest ways to get your name out because of which these are virtually ubiquitous. They are generally made up of corrugated plastic which is attached to a metallic holder. These are commonly used by real estate agents, politician or contractors.

Our designers, crafter and fabricators at Fortuna Visual Group create wonderful designs and banners which add value to your architectural design and help you promote your businesses. If you are in search of impeccable services and exceptional designs somewhere in New York or Manhattan area, then contact us or get a quote online.  


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