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Using Vinyl Signs and Banners for the Promotion of Your Business

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Vinyl banners and signs are quite effective for the promotion of your business, both in an indoor and outdoor environment. Nowadays you will find vinyl signs everywhere. From retail shops to window displays, trade exhibitions, car shows or roadside advertisements- these certainly are omnipresent.

Read on to discover why you should use vinyl signs for the promotion of your business:


One of the primary advantages of vinyl signs is that they can be removed easily from one location and installed in another very conveniently. Vinyl banners get to stay on for a longer duration of time than the billboards and are not even prone to street vandalism as they attract lesser attention. For greater visibility, you can hang your banner at high traffic intersection areas but you will have to ask the zoning authorities regarding permits. You may then change the location of the banner from east to west or north to south and vice versa.

Content and Design

Vinyl signs and banners can be customized easily as per your requirements. Use vibrant colors or eye-catching designs. The content on your banner matters a lot especially if you are placing it away from your business location as it plays an important role in the attracting prospects. Add images for they speak a thousand words and incorporate slogans or phrases that cling to the memory. Signs or banners situated outside your premises need not include the location or contact details. However, these are necessary for offsite areas.

Makes the Storefronts Uniquely Visible

Vinyl signs outside on the store fa├žade make your establishment noticeable and recognizable. Creative eye-catching vinyl banners and signs will make it easy for new customers to locate your business facility. Check up with the local building management authorities as to whether you can hang them perpendicularly and find out the limitations of height and width.

Makes Your Tradeshows Attractive

Vinyl banners help in projecting a positive image upon all those who visit your booth in a trade show. If you are putting up you banner at a tradeshow, just keep in mind to add the contact details and mention the website. Try to get you banners installed near the entrance so that the advertisement as a greater impact in the promotion of your business.

Easy Installation

Vinyl banners and signs are one of the easiest materials to install which is why it is preferred by most businesses for their advertisement and promotion. They can be attached with chords and strings to stationary objects like trees or poles. If you want to mount them in a more permanent fashion, then they can even be fixed with screws and bolts to flat surfaces such as walls.

Versatile and Weatherproof

Because of this vinyl is an ideal choice for the promotion of your business in the outside environment. Even though it depends upon the harshness of weather and the quality of vinyl used, in most cases vinyl stands tough against the tough conditions. The durable nature also comes along with the great advantage of being cleaned without difficulty. Scrubbing with a sponge or simply spraying water with a hose is enough to get them back spick and span without a trace of dirt.

At Fortuna Visual Group you will discover that our crafters, designers and fabricators produce the best banners and signs for advertisement and business promotion. Signs and banners play an integral role in getting your word out and portraying your unique brand identity. The affordability and the attractiveness of vinyl banners and signs make them a favorite of all. So what are you waiting for? Click here to acquire a free quote.


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