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What can an Outdoor Restaurant Partition do for your Business

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You got a promotion and decide to celebrate your step up the ladder with an intimate dining experience with your new girlfriend. Someone suggests the new restaurant that just opened near your office building that is always crowded with hungry customers every time of the day. You get a little doubtful about trying out a new place especially when you feel comfortable in your round-the-corner steak bar. After some critical thinking, you come up to a conclusion. Let’s do it, how bad could it be? You book a reservation in the lunch break and meet your girlfriend for lunch.  

As the waiter seats you on your reserved table outside the restaurant, you deliberately choose for a sunny experience. Ah, it’s a new place which explains the crowd, you tell yourself. What comes next is great food but a dreadful hour of no privacy and waiters crashing into you. By the time you leave and come back to your office, you take a deep breath, look at your stained shirt, which the waiter so perfectly ruined with a heart-like stain near your right ventricle. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and swear to never trust any colleague’s advice again. So what was it that the restaurant lacking? No doubt it served great food, but is the food enough reason to visit it again or suggest it to someone?


When customers visit a restaurant it’s not just about the food. For them it’s about the overall experience that includes everything from food to their level of comfort. What restaurants need to learn is to aim for the overall experience and not just settle for a great culinary experience, especially the ones which offer open air seating lack this overall experience.

The reason –they didn’t invest in the modeling of the restaurant with a strategy. All these can be solved with just one addition to the restaurant without spending much. Ever heard of a thing called restaurant dividers/partition?

Ah, now you get the point! What they can offer you includes:



No one would like to see street beggars prying on your every bite from across the footpath. Well, restaurant partitions are the best way to provide you that level of comfort you need while you eat in peace. Not only can you enjoy your food, you can also turn any place into a cozy, intimate pocket with your loved one.


Offers a sense of security:

A flagship of the point above, these partitions also offer a sense of security while you eat. You feel safe that no one from the outside will steal or rob you while you are busy trying to hold that hamburger in your hands. Believe us, this has happened and you don’t want it to happen to you.



Offers the place a sophisticated look:

These partitions, since they are designed with vibrant graphics will also give the place a sophisticated and hip look. So why invest in expensive centerpieces and side plants when you can liven up your place with creatively designed restaurant dividers?


Best at camouflaging problem spots:

Well that comes as a bonus, doesn’t it? You can actually hide any uneven curves or cracks on the floor and people that walk by won’t walk in to the tables


Enough reasons to get your restaurant a partition/divider for the outdoor spaces? If yes, feel free to contact us and we will help you find the most suitable match for your restaurant.


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